So You’re Thinking Of Changing Accountant?

Some Reasons Why Businesses Change Accountant

Welcome to Inca Accountants.

So you have an established business and want or need to change accountants. Business owners just like you talk to Inca about moving their accounts and tax to us for a variety of reasons.

Sometimes their accountant is retiring but more frequently the accountant is failing to deliver the agreed or expected service.

The most common complaints we hear are,


  • “My accountant never gets back to me”,


  • “My accountant never gives me any business or tax advice”,


  • “I had a quick call with my accountant and got a large bill”,


  • “Everything with my accountant is always last minute, sometimes I’ve been late filing as a result”.

Some Of The Benefits Of Switching Accountants To Inca


  • Firstly we’ll agree all the fees up front and on a fixed price basis, before you make a decision to work with us taking away the financial risk (and frustration) of unexpected bills.


  • We’ll offer you the chance to spread your payments using a simple monthly plan to improve your cash-flow.


  • We’ll guarantee to do everything to avoid you incurring a late filing penalty and if we can’t prove that then well pay it for you so you can rest comfortably at night that everything’s in hand.


  • We’ll include tax efficiency planning within the service so you won’t overpay your taxes.


  • We’ll provide you with a dedicated point of contact in the team with a backup when they’re on holiday so you’re not chasing for answers.


  • We have a 96%+ year on year client retention rate which can only be maintained by delivering service in line with our client’s expectations and budgets.


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‘I Switched To Inca’

Bob Apollo is the Founder and Managing Director of Inflexion – Point Strategy Partners LTD. Bob works with B2B-focused sales organisations helping to stand out from the crowd and win new customers using a structured yet flexible value selling system®.

“Inca do everything that’s relevant and nothing that’s irrelevant; what they provide is perfectly aligned with what we need. Inca have supported our business for nearly 14 years now and whenever I’ve needed advice it’s always been forthcoming. I switched to them very early on in the development of our business because I realised that our previous accountants, who I’d used to set up the company, were not really tuned in to the needs of businesses of our size and type.”


The Next Step

If this sounds like it might be the relationship you’re seeking then the next step is to get in touch to arrange a consultation to discuss your business and your needs in more detail in order for us to prepare an upfront, fixed price quote.

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