So You’re Setting Up A New Business!

Common Questions Asked By New Business Owners


Welcome to Inca Accountants.

So, you are new in business or just about to set up your business? We chat regularly with new business owners just like you.

They usually have lots of questions about their business such as:


  • “Should I be a sole trader or company?”


  • “What can I claim against tax?”


  • “When do l need to pay my taxes?”


  • “How do I get paid?”.


  • “What records do I need to keep?” and much more.


We understand this situation and we’re happy to listen and guide.

Did you know that statistically only 20% of new businesses are still going after 5 years? Quite a horrific thought really. It will hopefully therefore be of tremendous comfort that 63.9% of Inca’s new start-ups are still going after 5 years. We have a formula to give you the best chance of successfully making it to your business’ 5th birthday and beyond.

Some Benefits Of Starting Your New Business With Inca Accountants


  • Firstly, you’ll benefit from the most effective tax structure taking advantage of opportunities to recover tax you paid in the past so that we give your business the best cash and cashflow boost to help maximise your survival prospects.


  • You’ll get to put more of your income into the family unit in the most tax efficient manner whilst at the same time ensuring that you can benefit from the state pension as well as sleeping safe in the knowledge that everything is correctly documented and reported.


  • You’ll save time, stress and money by keeping business records efficiently and accurately giving you more time to run your business or spend it with your family or friends.


  • You will be able to relax knowing that our systems and processes are designed to ensure you meet your filing and payment obligations.


  • We’ll also price incentivise you to get everything done in good time, so you’ll also be better off as a result financially


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‘My Business Grew With Inca’


Mathew John is the Founder and Managing Director of Mathew John Ltd. Mathew works with design agencies and publishing companies across the UK providing a high-quality art and graphic design service to support his clients with their advertising and brand awareness strategies and projects.

“When Inca were recommended to me over 10 years ago, I was just starting my freelance journey, I’ve been with them ever since and they’ve been absolutely invaluable in helping me as my business has grown.


The business support has been indispensable as my business has grown and especially as I transitioned to be a limited company. They really helped to ensure my accounts were set up properly so that I became much more streamlined. I’ve been with Inca for a long time now and can’t see any reason why I’d ever change”


The Next Step

If this sounds like it might be the relationship you’re seeking then the next step is to get in touch to arrange a consultation to discuss your business and your needs in more detail in order for us to prepare an upfront, fixed price quote.

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