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We take a very proactive and hands on approach to this. Our business development workshops and events are all designed to help you as much as possible in your business. Not only are they great sessions to develop skills and gain knowledge that will help you grow your business, but they also provide fantastic opportunities to meet other like-minded business owners. The networking opportunities that our events provide are just as important and valuable as the content of the events themselves.

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How to Take Your Business to the Next Level


Friday 19th November 2021


It’s a tough truth that a business not moving forward is not sustainable in the long run. If your business has plateaued, it might carry on as it is for many years. Ultimately though, if you stand still while your competitors develop and innovate around you, the lifespan of your business will be limited.


So, assuming you have ambitions to move forward, what’s stopping you from taking your business to the next level?



The fact is that every entrepreneur will find themselves bumping up against a ‘glass ceiling’ from time to time. It may seem like an insurmountable issue limiting further development, but as ActionCOACH Rob Pickering will explain in our November workshop, these barriers are usually artificial constraints that business owners impose on themselves. Finding ways through them is a logical process that anyone can learn.




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Don't just take our word for it, hear from our clients

“Inca are a great help for new businesses. It’s like seeing friends when we meet up! They are friendly and genuinely care about your business – not just your money and numbers. Their workshops – especially the 90 day planning are really useful and have helped me to significantly grow my business. Inca are also excellent at referrals and introductions which provide yet another tool to help me grow my business.”
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