The History of Inca Chartered Certified Accountants, Oxfordshire

Inca Chartered Certified Accountants were founded in December 2002 by Lesley and Graham Carson. From the outset we wanted to be the small business accountant that was different from the norm. So, we based our practice on fundamentally simple concepts: to be easy to deal with, never to deliver nasty surprises to our clients, and to offer help and support for our clients’ businesses that extended beyond typical accountancy.

Chartered accountants, Inca Accounting Oxfordshire and Berkshire
Since then, we have happily and successfully built the business, and the growing team at Inca are now working with over 400 clients from Denmark to Devon, Paris to London. We are, however, most proud of the fact that the vast majority of our clients are just like us, small businesses based in Oxfordshire, Berkshire and the surrounding counties. We may have a relatively short history, but fully intend to have a very long future together with our clients, old and new.

The name Inca

We often get asked about the name Inca and where it comes from.

Neither Lesley nor Graham have any connections to Peru and the business is not a franchise. It’s also not an acronym.

Rather, the name Inca is related to Lesley and Graham’s passion for horses. Much of their spare time is spent with horses and this seemed a good place to look when deciding on the name for a new business.

This is Inca or rather this was Inca.

She was a magnificent horse, the first one Graham ever rode and owned by Lesley to compete at a relatively advanced level in dressage. Prior to coming to us she was owned by and in training with British Olympian Jane Gregory.

Sadly Inca passed away in January 2004 but her name lives on in the business.

Chartered accountants, Inca Accounting Oxfordshire and Berkshire

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