Come and learn how to build a winning marketing plan

2017 is nearly here: Have you got a fresh new marketing plan ready to implement? One that’s based on solid marketing principles, will give you the best return on spend, and will see you achieve your business goals? Or are you going to recycle the plan you’ve always relied on – maybe with a few tweaks for good measure, keeping your fingers crossed that you’ll somehow get better results this time around?

Marketing – creating the awareness and interest required to drive sales – is critical to every business, but many business owners find themselves baffled by the (let’s be polite) jargon often spouted by ‘experts’ looking to make marketing seem more mysterious and complex than it actually is.

Things aren’t helped either, by the wide range of traditional and new media channels available to marketers, which can make deciding which ones to use confusing.

Too many small businesses rely on what’s sometimes jokingly called a ‘so-kee-tan-see’ marketing plan – but marketing shouldn’t be guesswork. With a good understanding of the profile of your customer, and a basic knowledge of the principles of marketing, implementing effective activity becomes logical and straightforward.

Start 2017 with a winning marketing plan for your business

Marketing isn’t just another overhead; it’s an investment, and every £1 you spend should be calculated to bring you back your original outlay, PLUS incremental revenue that goes straight onto your bottom line.

Your marketing plan will directly inform your success, and if you want to make sure that 2017 is going to be the year you take your business to the next level, you can’t afford to miss our upcoming half day workshop, ‘How to Build a Winning Marketing Plan’, led by ActionCOACH Mark Cadbury.

Mark will be discussing different marketing techniques, and will reveal the proven and powerful principles that you should apply to all visual marketing collateral. He will explain how you can create a marketing plan that is:

  • Targeted

  • Structured

  • Effective

  • Measurable and creates RESULTS!

About Mark

Mark Cadbury is an award-winning business coach, trainer and motivational speaker. For over 20 years, Mark held senior positions with specialist advertising and marketing agencies, providing advice and support to big brands including Vodafone, BMW, Nationwide Building Society and Ginsters, as well as to start-ups and small businesses.

Today, Mark runs his own successful ActionCOACH practice, working with clients spanning a broad range of industry sectors, using his experience to help them achieve sales, revenue and profit growth beyond their expectations.

Here at Inca, we’re committed to supporting start-ups and established businesses with our programme of events to help them grow and flourish, and we’re starting the New Year with a workshop that no business owner can afford to ignore. We look forward to seeing you there!

This could be the most valuable half day you will spend on your business in 2017.

We guarantee you will take away the practical knowledge needed to develop a powerful marketing plan you can implement right away!


Book your place at How to Build a Winning Marketing Plan Workshop

Thursday, 19th January, 2017, 9am-1pm.
Howberry Park, Wallingford