So You’re Self Employed And Need Help With Your Tax Return?

Common Questions Asked By Self Employed Sole Traders

Welcome to Inca Accountants. So, you run a self employed business?


At Inca Accountants we help lots of sole traders just like you with their tax returns and all-round business advice.


So why do they choose to work with us? We find that sole traders like you have questions about their business and look to an accountant like us for help.


  • Should I go limited?


  • Should I buy a vehicle through the business?


  • What can I claim against my tax?


  • What is a payment on account?


  • Should I be VAT registered?


  • Can I employ staff as a sole trader?


The good news in choosing to work with us is that we won’t charge you to answer simple questions like these. Since there’s only you in the business, you’re probably busy. There’s a good chance you want a quick answer and then to get on running your business.

Some Reasons Why Lots Of Sole Traders Choose Inca As Their Accountant?


  • Firstly, we’ll agree all the fees up front with you and on a fixed price basis, before you make a decision to work with us taking away the financial risk (and frustration) of unexpected bills.


  • We’ll offer you the chance to spread your payments using a simple monthly plan to improve your cashflow.


  • We’ll guarantee to do everything to avoid you incurring a late filing penalty and if we can’t prove that then well pay it for you so you can rest comfortably at night that everything’s in hand.


  • We’ll include tax advice within your service (including when to go limited) so you won’t overpay your taxes.


  • We’ll help you to relax (no grey suits) and chat with you as equals using easy to understand language so you can make informed decisions to help you and your business.


‘They are friendly and genuinely care about your business’


Jen Morrison is the Owner of Thames Training, an Abingdon based health and safety training company. Thames Training offers a wide range of high quality First Aid and Health and Safety Courses in and around Oxfordshire.


They are friendly and genuinely care about your business – not just your money and numbers. Their workshops are really useful and have helped me to significantly grow my business. Inca are also excellent at referrals and introductions which provide yet another tool to help me grow my business.

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The Next Step

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