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Common Capital Gains Tax Scenarios


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So, you’ve sold some shares or property or you’re about to do so. OK, so you’re going to enter the domain of Capital Gains Tax and potentially the new property disposal rules.

Capital Gains Tax matters are disclosed on your tax return. If you’ve never filed a tax return before we’ll help you register with HMRC. But remember, the responsibility is yours to tell them that you have something to disclose – it’s partly why it’s called self-assessment.

If you’ve disposed of a residential property on or after 6th April 2020 (or you are in the process of such a sale), then you must act quickly. You only have 30 days following the completion of the sale to report it to HMRC and pay any tax you owe. It’s also reported through a completely new system which will require you to register separately from any portal you use for your tax return.


So, why do individuals like you come to Inca to ask for help declaring capital gains tax or property disposals? If you’re less informed about capital gains tax, then you’re not alone. You might be wondering about:


  • The rates of tax?


  • How to mitigate any bill?


  • When does the tax need to be paid?


  • The impact of your other income?


Capital gains tax is less understood meaning it’s easier to get it wrong and individuals like you appreciate the need to get it right.

Perhaps you’re someone who would benefit from a capital gains tax estimate, we can help you with that as well for a fixed fee agreed in advance.

Some Benefits Of Working With Inca For Your Capital Gains Tax.


  • Our tax return fees, as well as property disposal reporting are quoted up front and on a fixed price basis depending on the complexity of your personal situation giving you peace of mind and the ability to budget.


  • We can confirm the fee over the phone saves you time and energy.


  • We use checklists to maximise tax relief and ensure nothing is missed.


  • If you’re disposing of a residential property, we’ll give you a list of the information to find in preparation for the completion of the sale to ensure timely reporting avoiding fines and penalties therefore saving you money and stress.


  • We have tried and tested processes to ensure you meet your filing obligations and can therefore sleep comfortably at night knowing your capital Gains taxation matters are under control.

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